While some providers say they can “do it all” and play the role of general contractor for your security, systems and software needs, PC Consult plays the role of expert craftsman, applying years of experience to specific areas of your integrated information technology needs.

Some of our areas of expertise include the following:

Advanced Communications Technology:
PC Consult provides a feature-rich, software-based phone system that combines the power of your desktop computer with the software-based telephone switching (PBX) systems. We will plan, design and manage the best solution for your business with the most advanced communications technology available today.

Networks Security and Auditing:
Whether a comprehensive approach or just a project-specific task, PC Consult attacks your problem with the same energy and efficiency. In ensuring your network security, Pc Consult:

Develops and installs security systems and processes to protect corporate assets.

Plans, builds and implements a robust, scalable and reliable network security infrastructure solution.

Provides a thorough vulnerability assessment of existing network security implementations including policies, technology, operations, use, performance and physical security.

Custom Applications:
PC Consult develops and implements robust custom Intranet/Internet infrastructure and application solutions that meet your specific needs and objectives. Our successful track record includes the following:

Secure Entry Management SolutionThe Log System Now an IBM PureSystems ready solution

Case management systems for law offices

Patient management systems for medical offices – MD+Pro Now an IBM PureSystems ready solution

Time management and tracking solutions for law and consulting offices

Client management and tracking systems for non-profit organizations

We'd be happy to discuss how these solutions may fit your needs or how a custom solution could be developed for you.

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