Software Consulting

No business process situation is the same. That’s why no off-the-shelf software application is truly appropriate for a business. To make any software solution the solution for YOUR problem, its installation, integration and implementation in your environment must be customized. PC Consult makes sure that its solution is YOUR solution.

We accomplish this through both integration of brand name software and, where necessary, the development of in-house and ASP solutions.

Some of these in-house solutions include:

Case management systems for law offices

Patient management systems for medical offices

Time management and tracking solutions for law and consulting offices

Case tracking, management and reporting systems for not-for-profit organizations, including shelters for the homeless

Miscellaneous business tools to increase productivity and take advantage of your current systems infrastructure and investment

Some of the ASP solutions include:

Teleradiology solutions for medical imaging centers and doctors offices

Management solutions for national commercial real estate firms

The first step to the development of any solution is sitting down and listening to your needs.

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