The Log System

The Log System is a computer based tool that maintains written and visual records of access to any location. Records are stored and maintained on-site or in a remote location. The solution provides the highest degree of record integrity and safety. Greatest benefits of the system is the ability to retrieve and locate data.

The Secure Entry Management Solution is an important tool in maintaining written and visual records of access to private property or a secure location. Records can be stored and maintained either on-site or in a secure remote location The solution provides the highest degree of record integrity and safety. As a person enters the gate, door, etc., a camera captures the event. Capturing of the event can be initiated by a person or done automatically by various means. That event will then automatically be saved, stamped with date and time of event, and shown as a pending event in the system. With the pending event record, additional information can be entered such as: name, purpose of visit, area visited or arrival by foot/vehicle. The best part is that no event get lost even if a no person is there to see.

The combination of PC Consult + The Log System and IBM PureSystems will help businesses simplify deployment and ongoing operations of the PC Consult The Log System.  Accelerating implementation times and reducing operation and maintenance efforts result in fewer IT resources needed, lower costs, and a faster time-to-value.

PureSystems is a new class of expert integrated systems that combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. Expert integrated systems fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT. For more information, please visit

PC Consult has now enabled its The Log System solution on the IBM PureFlex System. Optimization on IBM PureSystems empowers our joint customers to realize improved time to value with faster deployment. Consolidated servers and application workloads achieve efficiencies in resource usage, improved performance, and reduced management complexity. For more information, please visit

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